About Us


 “Making staying safe look good”


When the Covid-19 pandemic became a reality in Pennsylvania Dawn decided to make good use of her sewing skills.  She started out making masks for family and friends from materials she had on hand from years of being a seamstress.  Her sewing history includes decades of making dance costumes for her daughter’s dance teams, Iroquois High School dance teams, and other organizations .  She also worked for several years as a costume designer for the Erie Playhouse as well as the lead seamstress in the uniform department of Presque Isle Downs. 

It didn’t take long before the Governor made it a requirement that masks be worn in public places to help slow the spread of the virus.  Dawn’s husband Tom was just starting to learn the ins and outs of setting up an online store and decided to try to market his wife’s masks online.

Shortly after launching the website the Erie Times News ran an article about Dawn’s Masks (click here to read it).  That gave us a great boost in sales and really helped propel us to the next level of this business.  Companies have contracted us to make custom masks for their businesses, we have added school color masks, and we do take special orders as well.

Dawn’s masks were intended to give people the opportunity to add a little fashion to this new article of clothing that we now must wear.  The bulk of our sales occur in the Erie area and it feels great to be able to give our community a locally made option.

As the sales grew, the need for additional help also grew and we were able to contract some local seamstresses to meet the demand.  This was extremely beneficial to those who we contracted as they had lost employment do to the virus shut down.

While wearing masks in public may not be the most pleasant situation we like to feel that Dawn’s Masks can help by creating masks that are well constructed, washable, and most of all fashionable.